Why Buy a Postcard?


Why Buy a Postcard?. Well there are many reasons to start collecting postcards: nostalgia, research, and décor to name a few. Here are some of our favourites:



Postcards are a priceless addition to traditional family history research through genealogy websites and public records. Whether it is finding the long-demolished school your Great-Aunt attended, or the street your Grandfather grew up in, old postcards are invaluable for visualising your ancestry.




Why not create lasting visual memories of past holidays, or special occasions by collecting postcards from the locations you’ve visited.




Collect postcards of a certain location, publisher or illustrator for research and publication purposes. Postcards are also useful for illustrating presentations and speeches.



Arts and Crafts

Why not embellish a holiday scrapbook with beautiful vintage postcards, or create unique cards and gift tags for your loved ones? Postcards are also perfect for collage and decoupage.




Not only can postcards be used for gift tags - they can also be used as the gift! A framed postcard can make a thoughtful gift; perhaps a card of the recipient’s favourite holiday destination, or to accompany the tickets to an upcoming one!



Home Decor

Create a one-off gallery for your home by framing and displaying postcards. Use a variety of frames and chose between grey-scale, sepia, and coloured cards to perfectly enhance your space. Likewise, keeping postcards in a box or album can make for ideal coffee table displays.




Postcrossing is a popular hobby whereby you send and receive postcards to and from across the globe. To participate visit https://www.postcrossing.com/


Websites and Blogs

Postcards are a great alternative to photos and stock images to enhance your personal or business website. Likewise, they can be a wonderful addition to packaging, printed promotional material or shop/office decor.



For Collection’s Sake!

There doesn’t have to be any further reason for collecting postcards other than your own enjoyment. Perhaps you collect cards of your favourite animal, or that relate to your occupation, or perhaps you just like the aesthetic of them.